Swiss electronic library

Since January 2015 the web portal is no longer being updated

An online archive version of the web portal " Swiss electronic library" has been provided, which corresponds to the version the portal had prior to its discontinuation and offers an overview of the entire project.
The web portal of the innovation and cooperation project " Swiss electronic library" initiated in 2008 facilitated searches in the holdings of the Swiss university libraries and academic institutions. Moreover, it combined the services and instruments for working in a scientific context that were developed within the scope of the entire project.

These services, which were realised in sub-projects, were either completed, transferred to other applications or are being continued independently. The " Swiss electronic library" project was successfully completed in 2013.

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Independent services

A journey through the web portal

The image-film takes us through a virtual city of data, in which the various offers of are presented. For each subject area, there has been built a tower of data, which again is made from different resources. The image-film is about 90 seconds long and also shows, how easy the search on the web portal is: entering a term or a phrase in the central search window enables the simultaneous search in all included and previously in the city of data visited resources.